Mikail Akar

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Mikail Akar - the abstract artist who inspires the world in colourful ways.

At only 11 years old, Akar from Cologne is one of the youngest abstract artists of our generation. He discovered his passion for painting at the age of four and developed his unique style. His works are now in demand internationally and his UNBELIEVABLE exhibition has already been shown worldwide.

Mikail considers himself a contemporary artist and uses his creative vein – in the spirit of contemporary art – also to engage with and influence his living environment. He has already organized numerous charity events, most recently for the victims of the war in Ukraine. Together with the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, Mikail auctioned off one of his paintings – King of New York – just last year. All proceeds were donated to an art project for children.

More recently, Mikail collaborated with Rolls-Royce, designing vintage cars in his signature colorful and abstract shapes.
His stay in New York City marked a milestone in his career when he became the first European artist to perform a live painting performance on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Mikail has already made a huge impression on the art world in his younger years and we can look forward to seeing where else his journey takes him.

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Immerse yourself in a realm of mesmerizing beauty and be enchanted by Mikail Akar's extraordinary masterpieces. Every brushstroke, every little detail and the artist's passionate dedication to his craft combine to create a collection of artworks that transcend the limits of imagination.
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In this special section you have the opportunity to discover Mikail’s limited editions. These are hand-painted editions that are then signed and become truly unique! Art lovers and collectors have the opportunity to acquire these remarkable pieces for their personal collections.

Anagola 2023


25 editions, overpainted and signed by hand. Format: 100x80x4cm. Price: 2000 € incl. VAT, plus 49,95€ shipping costs Insured within Europe . Outside Europe on request

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