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His journey began when he was just four years old, and now, at ten, he is mixing it up in the international art market and exhibiting around the world.

Mikail Akar (09.10.2012) from Cologne, is with his ten years the youngest abstract artist worldwide. His works are in demand internationally and find a place with collectors.

Mikail began painting at the age of four, without having had any previous contact with the art world. A simple gift – a canvas and finger paints – quickly developed into a passion. Mikail’s parents also had little contact with art or the art market until then. They recognized his talent and encouraged him to the best of their ability. Mikail’s interest was immediately aroused and he taught himself everything. His parents supported him by visiting exhibitions, where he was inspired in particular by Gerhard Richter and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The international press quickly took notice of the talented young artist from Cologne.

Mikail’s fresh color combinations, his action painting and wild esprit quickly led him to exhibitions in various German cities, including first Düsseldorf, Cologne and Jüchen. His works have been on display in numerous major cities, galleries and exhibition places around the world. Mikail considers himself an artist of contemporary art. In his works he processes what he feels, thinks and how he sees the world. For him, contemporary art means freedom, the complete abolition of rules and taboos. When he paints, he can develop freely – this makes his art more emotional, more personal. When he paints, he is in his own world. Each painting reflects a part of Mikail. Most recently, Mikail’s path led him to New York City, a city known for its culturalDuring the 2020 lockdown, when all exhibitions were canceled and schools closed, Mikail created his first virtual exhibition: “My world is colorful!” This way, he could share his friends and art not only with his friends and family, but with the whole world through one click. The virtual exhibition was noticed internationally and his works were subsequently shown on the “UNBELIEVABLE” tour in Istanbul, Vienna, Zurich and New York.

Despite his exciting life, Mikail has remained a normal child. He goes to school in Cologne and is fully supported by his parents and two siblings. His talent and passion for art have already taken him far – he also auctions his art for charity. Mikail is a very sensitive child – he stands up for children who are worse off than himself. Through his art, he advocates for equal opportunities and justice for children around the world. It doesn’t matter if the issue is war, disease or social imbalance. Together with personalities such as Peter Maffay, Manuel Neuer and most recently Laith Al-Deen, Mikail has already set up numerous charity campaigns and has been able to achieve and donate contributions in the 6-digit range, among other things.
In 2023, Mikail started a collaboration with Rolls-Royce and painted the Cullinan car model. He also worked on a classic car project, designing a VW-Bulli, a Chevrolet Monte Carlo and a Mustang – all from 1967 – in his signature colorful and abstract shapes. In this way, vintage cars also become Mikail’s art objects.
diversity and vibrant art scene, which quickly became his favorite city – Cologne, of course.

In this exciting metropolis, he had the unique opportunity to be the first European artist to hold a live painting performance on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. In addition to the live performance, Mikail also had solo exhibitions in New York in April. One of them took place at the Rolf Benz flagship store, where he presented “UNBELIEVABLE NEW YORK.” Here he had the opportunity to present his colorful works to an international audience and participate in the artistic energy of the city. Mikail was also present at the renowned art fair Artexpo New York, where he presented his unique paintings with a solo pavilion. The fair attracts art lovers, collectors and gallery owners from all over the world and provided Mikail with a wonderful platform to make his art available to a wide audience – Mikail’s stay in New York was a milestone in his artistic career. Mikail is undoubtedly an exceptional talent, and his art has already touched many people. With his creativity, enthusiasm and ability to inspire people around the world, he is sure to celebrate many more successes in the art world. We can look forward to seeing where his journey will take him in the future.
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